Recommended for people wanting to relax, to rest from the city tumult and to recover and rebuild vital forces. An attractive form of stay in the Health Resort also for carers of guests staying on the curative stays.

Dates of recreational stays:

We start every Monday with the possibility of arrival on Sunday. The stays are a multiple of a week (6 days, 13 days, 20 days, etc.).

Conditions for accepting recreational stay bookings:

1. The contract is considered to be concluded when the contracting party (the customer) makes a down payment of 40% of the cost of the entire treatment.

2. The down payment, referred to in point 1, should be paid to the account of the Health Resort within 7 days from the date of receipt of the booking confirmation, and in the event of expiry of this period, the price offer and duration of stay presented in the booking confirmation may change, of which the Health Resort will immediately notify the customer, submitting a new booking offer. The remaining amount is paid by the customer within 2 days upon arrival, while not settling the remaining amount will result in no ordination of procedures for the subsequent days of stay (we accept payment cards: DEBIT VISA, CREDIT VISA, MASTER CARD – CREDIT/CHARGE/MASTER).

3. The reservation may be cancelled up to 20 days before the planned starting day, then the down payment received by the Health Resort is refunded, however, after deducting PLN 70 for handling charges of the SPA.

4. The date on the postmark decides about keeping the deadlines specified above.

5. Cancelling the reservation after the deadline specified in point 3 results in the loss of the reservation and the entire down payment, subject to point 6.

6. Reimbursement of the costs of the treatment, including the down payment, may take place only in justified cases, for extremely important and documented random reasons, accepted by the Director of Healthcare and after deducting the handling costs of 70 PLN incurred by the Health Resort, and in the event of interruption of the ongoing stay for these reasons, after deducting the costs of a man-day for the endured stay. In the event of a dispute, the matter of returning the deposit is settled by the President of the Company's Management Board.

7. Price per an-day includes: - cost of accommodation, - cost of food, - two types of treatments per day: 1 procedure – music therapy, 1 treatment from the group of treatments: vibration platform, crosstrainer, treadmill, exercise bike, ergometer, mini brine graduation tower. Treatments are issued from Monday to Friday.

8. For SPA treatment, current results of basic medical tests (ESR, morphology, urine, ECG, chest x-ray) and medical documentation are required. The patient is obliged to bring medications taken continuously, for the entire duration of the stay in the SPA. The price for the stay does not include additional tests and consultations not related to sudden illness during the stay in the Health Resort. We kindly ask you to have current proof of medical insurance with you.

9. The price of the treatment may change, of which the facility will immediately notify the customer.

10. In the absence of acceptance of the new price, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract by notifying the Health Resort within 3 days of receiving information about the price increase.

11. In the event of delayed arrival or early departure for reasons other than those specified in item 6 and on the side of the customer, the customer receives a 20% refund of a man-day cost.

12. The customer's stay starts with breakfast on the day beginning the stay and ends with dinner on the last day of the stay.

13. If the customer arrives on the eve of the beginning of the stay after 6 pm, the accommodation is free, but the patient does not receive dinner.

14. The SPA does not make refunds for meals and treatments unused by the customer.

15. The reservation does not apply to a specific room number.

16. Pets are not allowed.

17. The customer is obliged to comply with the regulations in force at the Health Resort.

Wireless Internet in the rooms.

It is permitted to drive up to the Marconi Sanatorium for the time of unloading and loading the car on the day of arrival and departure, at the back of the building.

* For foreign transfers, please provide the bank's SWIFT account number: PKOPPLPW.

Price list


tel .  41 370 38 00
tel. kom. +48 785 005 500
from Monday to Friday between 7:00 - 15:00

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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